We believe that the success of brands is based on actions rather than messaging and to do that it would act inside the company as much as outside the company. Companies need to believe in why they do what they do, and act by “breathing and living” their values, showing their point of difference and their reason to exist in any actions, whether in person or any available medium.


Most businesses place a strong emphasis on their outside-in communication – things like their advertising, slogans and logo designs. These are important but don’t have the influence they had in the past because their customers have become more sophisticated in their understanding of marketing tactics. Online technology has created a much more interactive and personalised world. It’s a world in which brand loyalty is far harder to earn. Today’s consumer is more discerning, more demanding and more sensitive to brand authenticity. 

To do this, brands need an embedded cultural approach, an inside-out approach that guides everything from communications and marketing to sales and service. 

This Capo Strategies' owned assessment service will provide you with a thorough analysis of your brand culture and deliver a series of workshops designed to improve the effectiveness of your brand positioning in the marketplace.